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Weighted Vest



A weight vest is the perfect companion for any body weight exercise such as pull ups, dips, push ups and any cardio activity.

Our Weighted Vest is fitted for almost any body type with a fully adjustable front buckle. The outside is made from a water resistant and sweat resistant neoprene material. The inside is loaded with high grade odorless industrial iron sand. With the rear mesh big you can easily fit your wallet, phone, and keys when taking your vest out for a long run. 

The front has a large print of the weight size for people who plan to have multiple weighted vests. The back has our "YOU KNOW IM BAD" insignia printed in white so you will be more visible to people who need to be reminded of who you are.

Using our comfortable and durable vest properly can help you gain strength, increase your endurance and agility, and burn more calories.