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Wrist Wraps

$34.99 $24.99

Influenced by our love for tattoo culture we are the first and only brand in the entire market to create left and right wrist wraps that form a phrase, or in our case our name, when your fists come together.

This gives our athletes a constant affirmation to keep going during their rigorous training sessions. 

You will be sure to steal gazes from envious competitors, but don't worry. Just send them over our way and in turn we will hook you up with a discount code.

One of the most common complaints when lifting hard is not being able to lift as much as your body can load up because your wrists can't take it. Such a common problem with such a simple solution. 

Different than lifting wraps, Wrist Wraps, when used correctly can easily help you avoid injury and properly protect your wrists from unnecessary pain or discomfort.

There are many ways to apply them to your work outs. They can be worn super tight with the thumb strap temporarily to assist during a heavy set. They can also be worn more loosely for longer workouts to add a sense of hold.